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    PRODUCT NAME:Arabic Majlis Tent
    PRODUCTION COMPANY:Arabic Majlis Tenr
    MATERIAL:Sadu Fabric

Arabic Majlis Tents / Sadu Tents Rental 0555769688

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Arabic Majlis Tents / Sadu Tents Rental 0555769688

 Home  Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Arabic Majlis Tent | Traditional Arabic Tent | Rental Arabic Majlis Tents Arabic Majlis Tent |  Traditional Arabic Tent | Rental Arabic Majlis Tents | Temporary Majlis | Ramadan Majlis Tents Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. We provide you with the extravagance and enhances the natural beauty of the Arabian style furniture. 

Arabic Majlis Tents / Sadu Tents Rental 0555769688

We provide a lifetime of durability and strength to the furniture. We provide you with Arabian wicker furniture feature long lasting, durable leather bindings and the chairs are adorned with plush cushions for extra comfort and support. We give you an assurance of coziness, warmth and style. We are specialised in Rental Tents service in Middle East and MENA region. Tents like Ramadan Rental Tents with Arabic Majlis, Events Tents, Wedding Tents, Project Site Rental Tents, Storage Tents, Ware House tent & temporary accommodations are part of our rental bouquet.

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