Quick Overview

BMC puts out their Sportelite APS Deore Bike as a gateway drug. They’ve built this entry-level full-suspension has the same rear-end design as their Fourstroke, Speedfox, and Trailfox platforms. It’s their Advanced Pivot System (APS) with 100mm of travel. And it’s combined with a 100mm suspension upfront and 650b wheels.

The wheels are smaller than you’ll find on most of the BMC line for a reason. They fear 29er wheels might be a bit intimidating for new mountain bikers. It’s easier to feel in control and on top of the bike with the smaller wheels and that’s what they want you to sense.

The frame is welded and formed aluminum, both for the front and rear triangles. Light, durable, and inexpensive to fabricate. The fork is the RockShox Recon, a 32mm-stanchioned bump controller with both lockout and external rebound controls. It accepts traditional quick-release front wheels. For that matter, so does the rear end.

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