Self-balancing scooter

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Self-balancing scooter

Self-balancing scooters are a main category for electric powered vehicles such as hoverboards, segways, electric unicycles, gyroscooters and kick scooters. They are used to make your transportation easy with a speed not more than 25 kilometers per hour. Every year more and more people rent a self-balancing scooter as a new way of entertainment.

More about the types of self-balancing scooters

  • Segway. This type of transport has a platform on which you stand and a steering wheel. They handle a big weight and are safe even for elderly people and children. Segway rental in Dubai also provides vehicles with good maneuverability in any conditions: in the forest, asphalt or sea coast.
  • Electric unicycle. Type of transport that consists of a single wheel with a platform for legs and an electric motor. They are very light, compact and easy manageable, and what is more - it is almost impossible to fall from it. Develops a speed up to 25 kilometers per hour and is perfect for urban conditions.
  • Gyroscooter or hoverboard. In contrast to Segway, hoverboards don’t have a steering wheel, they are controlled by gyroscopic sensors and an internal balance management system. They are very convenient and mobile. At GyroScooter rental you can find vehicles that have highlights and some of them can even be connected to your smartphone!

Advantages of self-balancing boards:

  • They are quite and don’t disturb anyone with noise
  • They don’t need expensive fuel
  • These vehicles don’t pollute the air with emissions
  • Easy manageable, suitable even for kids
  • Such scooters are compact if you compare them with bicycles or mopeds

On Rentin you can find hoverboard rental in Dubai at a reasonable price. Diversify your leisure time and try new inventions for fun-filled pastime!