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Young people in Dubai prefer skateboarding more and more often. This kind of sport provides you an active rest and positive emotions. And the number of skateboards rentals is increasing constantly.

Why skateboards?

  • Improve muscles and physical state of the whole body
  • Develop your concentration
  • Keep fit and lose extra weight
  • Get feelings of excitement
  • Make new friends

Types of skateboards

  • Old school - the very first skateboards, from the 1970s
  • Modern skateboard – symmetrical boards that have the shape of a regular oval, curved nose and tail
  • Freeboard - models with six wheels
  • Longboard – have greater speed, increased stability, improved driving performance

How to start

If you are interested in skateboarding, then, before buying it, you shall learn how to skate and see if this sport suits you. That’s why many people prefer to rent skateboards in Dubai.

But remember to protect yourself with helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist and hand protection, that can be found for rent as well.

Look for the best skateboards on Rentin. Choose the proper variant by photo and full description and get a real enjoyment of skateboards hire in Dubai!