Sport and tourist equipment

Everyone loves water. Some people are attracted by its calm blue surface, others are captured by a stormy current and huge waves. Today there is a wide range of water sports for every taste.

The most popular water sports in Dubai

  • Paddle boarding. Relaxing sport on the board, in which you use the paddle. It is a full training of the whole body, which involves legs, hips and torso.
  • Wind surfing. It combines the elements of surfing and the skill of sailing. The equipment used here is a surfboard with a sail attached to a movable mast.
  • Kite surfing. Kite surfing uses a small surfboard or a wakeboard, which is pulled by a large controlled kite.
  • Kayaking. Lovers of thrill and extreme will appreciate this water sport. It is necessary to maneuver the boat in a stormy stream of water.
  • Surf ski. Two or one skis are used to slip along the surface of the water, which is attached to a high-speed boat using a ski cable or rope.
  • Diving. Diving tones up your entire body thanks to the constant resistance created by water, and helps burn more than 600 calories per one dive!

Why water sports are the best training for your body?

Studies have shown that people who choose water sports get more pleasure from training than those who practice in a gym or at the stadium. Training on water lasts longer and on water more calories are burned. It is impossible to find a water sport that could not bring your hips and torso into an ideal shape in a short time.

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