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Kayak FeelFree

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Kayak is a type of rowing boat, which can be single, double or triple. The number of them in the modern market is simply impressive. This indicates that the demand for such swimming vehicle increases every year and people try to keep pace with the times.echnology also does not stand still. This kind of water sport is constantly being improved, which means that there is no need to purchase this vehicle. It is much better to contact surf skis rental in Dubai to find new, high-quality and trustable models at cheap prices there.

Why kayaking in Dubai is one of the best types of water sports?

  • Easy managing
  • Light, can be carried by one person
  • Unsinkable, with increased safety
  • Resistant to sharp objects, driftwood and thickets
  • Universal foot supports are convenient for people of any height

As you can see, it is a very convenient means of transport. And there is a big number of kayak rentals in Dubai. But don’t be hurry with the choice, because there are many kinds of this transport.

Types of kayaks

  • "Sit-In" is a swimming boat, which means the position of the oarsman inside.
  • "Sit-on-top" - implies the presence of a rower from above, in a sitting position. It should be noted that this type has appeared not long ago but it became popular very quickly.
  • Collapsible - lightweight vessels, made of light metal or wooden frame with a possibility of compact folding, which simplifies storage and transportation.
  • Inflatable - high load capacity, unsinkable, compact and convenient transportation.
  • Non-collapsible are completely monolithic. As for the materials that are most often used for the production of this class of boats, it is predominantly polyester.

You can find a special type of this boat for any of the occasions: a walking, a touristic, sea, even the extreme one.

If you have decided to rent a kayak in Dubai, then we are happy to help you to make the choice. On our web-portal there is a wide range of models for all types of outdoor activities from different UAE rental companies. Save your time and make the right choice with Rentin.ae!