promoted Catamaran for rent in Dubai

Dubai , Dubai Marina December 28, 2018

AED 1500 hour
GuGu Boat - The Party Boat

GuGu Boat - The Party Boat

Dubai , Dubai Marina March 5, 2018

AED 5000 hour

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If you are looking for adventures and speed on the water, then catamarans are right for you! These are light two-hull vessels that have a large sail area and therefore can reach really high speeds. Catamarans hire in Dubai is an extremely popular way to rest.

Sailing catamaran can become an exciting hobby, or you even can build a sports career, taking part in competitions and winning cups! And there is no need to buy it; you can simply use catamaran rentals, provided on our web-portal.

Why exactly a catamaran hire?

  • Stability. The catamaran has a large free space in the cockpit and in the cabin.
  • Good maneuverability because of two hulls.
  • Safety. This vessel is carefully designed, so you can feel calm on the water.
  • Simple management. Even a person that has never sailed, within few hours, under the guidance of an experienced mentor, can master all the necessary skills for this vessel.

But remember that before going to sea on a catamaran, you must always wear a waterproof suit and a life jacket, because of high speed and splashing water.

On Rentin you can find any variant of catamaran rental whenever you plan a sport activity or a simple ride. Use our filter to choose the best price and model.